click for map of local live music    Why put your band on the map?

Besides the obvious kick of having a cool map of your shows on your web pages, there are some intense things going on behind the scenes. Gruvr works like a tireless robot to promote your shows and increase attendance. Here are 10 ways gruvr helps you promote your band.

grüvr knows how far each fan is from each show!

How often do your fans ask "when will you play near me?". If you're like most bands - all the time!  grüvr offers an excellent answer - it email fans as soon as you schedule a show near them.

Wild, artsy band pages can make it hard to read the list of dates and find the closest show. People can see which show is nearest on a map instantly.

Many people seek live music by opportunity. They just want to know who is playing here and now. Have you ever tried to find myspace's listing of local shows? We'll leave it as an exercise. hint: know your zipcode!
knows where each user is and instantly maps nearby concerts - no signup or input required!

One of the most effective things you can do is to post the grüvr map bulletin to announce upcoming shows. Fans can get a reminder about any show with one click, right from the bulletin and easily re-post the announcement to other websites. To make your announcement any time, simply go to your announcement page like this: and grab the code.

Do you waste time posting bulletins about upcoming shows to people who are impossibly far away? Do fans crave hearing about shows they cant possibly attend? grüvr only emails fans who are near a show. They dont have to check your page, and you don't have to spam 'em. Problem solved.

If your fans are like us, they get psyched about upcoming shows... then forget to go!
grüvr sends that day-before reminder email to "get out the vote" .

Once you put our tourmap on your myspace, grüvr gathers data about fans who track your tour or bookmark shows. It records the traffic coming from search engines to see where each search comes from. You get a map of where fans are actively searching for you - the results can be quite enlightening!

You want to be along for this ride. We're going to go places you never dreamed... especially you smaller bands, who are used to "pass the hat" ticket sales. 'Nuff said.

We are in this game to make something indispensable to you, the small performing artist. We want your ideas. We need your feedback. We love live music!