Skreemr and Gruvr link up : Nov 16, 2007

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What we're releasing

Gruvr now has a simple search API for use by bloggers and - anyone.
We developed this initially for use by Skreemr the MP3 search engine.
See the new developers' page.

The following PRESS RELEASE was written for us by Richard Krueger, a musician and PR guy from New York who blogs at http:// widgetmarketers.com



Boston, MA, Nov 16, 2007 --  , Grüvr, a provider of localized concert data, has entered into an agreement with MP3 search engine SkreemR, to integrate its local concert map mash-up data within SkreemR search results.  Gruvr’s location-aware service pinpoints the user’s location and presents a dynamically updated local map, overlayed with live music information.

To enhance its MP3 search results, Skreemr tapped into Grüvr’s recently launched query API, which offers developers easy accessibility to the company’s extensive database of performing bands.   The simple API guesses the viewer’s location and searches for shows by the desired performer in the user’s respective geographic region.  If it finds a match, it presents a map of upcoming shows, complete with links to the band’s MySpace page.  If no match is found, the user is linked to a map of local upcoming concerts.

Users can also set a one-click email ‘radar’ alert with  Grüvr  to stay informed of a band’s touring schedule.  Gruvr’s concert data joins other valuable relevant content within Skreemr’s search results, including links to related Amazon.com and Wikipedia listings, Flikr photos, and YouTube videos.

“Skreemr has greatly enhanced the relevance of our search results with the addition of  Grüvr’s   location-based live music map mash-up data,” explained James Gagan, Skreemr CEO.  “We are all about building the most useful music search service on the web and live music is a critical component to realizing that vision,” he added.

Underscoring its commitment to developers, Grüvr founder Mark Palmer explains, “We are actively working with the developer community in providing easy access to our deep concert database via all popular syndication formats.  Our API, GeoRSS feed, and KML files are all available for developers free of charge.  Our widgets and band radar alert emails let other sites bring live music maps directly to concert-goers, wherever they want it.”  Grüvr’s new developer resource page is at http://gruvr.com/developers/

About SkreemR
SkreemR is a search engine for locating audio files on the web. The company doesn’t actually host any files, but rather indexes what exists on the publicly accessible reaches of the internet. Much more than an MP3 search engine, SkreemR immerses its users into the internet music community, providing suggestions of where to buy the music, links to the sites that host the audio content, information on concert schedules, where to purchase concert tickets, and ways to share your experiences with other fans.

About Grüvr
Grüvr is an interactive map mashup that allows bands and their fans to find each other in a new way - geographically! Grüvr knows how far each fan is from each show. Bands put grüvr tour maps on their profiles to let fans track them on their 'radar'. Fans can share band maps, monitor artist schedules, get alerts when the band plays locally, and register for email reminders a day before the show.  The company is empowering bands and their fans with engaging, localized concert information and widgets that allow for viral distribution across major social networks.
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Grüvr Contact:           

Mark Palmer, hello at gruvr dot com

Skreemr Contact:

James Gagan      
SkreemR Search Inc.
Vancouver, BC
james at skreemr dot com