gruvr     Here is our master list of hyperlocal RSS feeds for upcoming live music in almost any town in the world. They use an adaptive radius and are updated continuously.

From Aarhus to Zurich... you want upcoming-concert listings?

Each feed is default configured to search within a 10-mile radius of its location, and 14 days into the future. If no upcoming shows are found, the feed will expand the distance and time a bit to try to come up with some result.

The first element in each feed is a link to the map of the concerts for your location.
Each element in the feed is a geo-coded concert listing with a link to that concert map, which offers users a one-click way to set up an email reminder for that event.

For convenience, just search right on this page for the location you want.
If you can't find the one you want, just construct a feed for anyplace.
make a feed URL to get upcoming concerts for "Location Name" like this: