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Welcome to concert data heaven!

Mr Natural by R. Crumb... underground comics, no copyright.We offer lots of ways for creative developers and bloggers to access grüvr's concert geodata and integrate live music maps and concert schedules into your sites.

This page has a brief list of what's available.

We offer a very simple query API that lets you invoke a band's current tour map or concerts in any city by simply whacking together a URL.

Gruvr provides RSS feeds for any band or location, and KML files for each band schedule. Also we have a couple of widgets to display links to concert maps: one location-based, and one band-based.

As far as we know, gruvr is the largest collection of geocoded concert data on the web, the largest indexed set of KML data anywhere, and the largest source of geoRSS event feeds. All concert or location pages have embedded coordinate tags in the top emerging formats (geotags, ICBM) for latitude and longitude as well.

Gruvr's API is also covered by Programmable Web


GeoRSS feeds

Local concert feeds

These can be used by anyone who wants to create a handy list of concert maps
for the area blog about. We tried to make it super-simple to use - just go to the page
and find the location you want. All feeds are geo-RSS encoded; none requires any
membership or login to access.

By default, each feed calculates a radius and future-days lookahead based on the density
of local events, then ranks them by organic popularity. You can customize all this by providing parameters -- contact us for details.

We also have contextual 'metafeeds' available which analyze the content on a given input page and pump out tour maps for all bands you mention on that page. You can see these in action on Guy Kawasaki's Alltop http://music.alltop.com - contact us for details on that too, as it's still in testing.

You can get a feed of the most-requested tickets here: http://tickets.gruvr.com/feed

Here's the current output being generated by the top upcoming concerts list:

You'd be lost without us, right?

Artist feeds

On each performer's tour map page, you will find their RSS feed, which is composed simply, like this:


Artist Query Link

This is the simplest but possibly the most powerful tool we've released yet.
With a simple "smart link", you can offer the live tour map of most any touring band.
If there are no upcoming shows, the grüvr map handles it gracefully and still presents useful info.

Here's an example mp3 search from our friends at skreemr.com

Here's an example map query URL forLady Gaga.


That's it! Of course you'd want to your link to look nice, like this:

Click here for Taylor Swift tour map and alerts

Or you can use this nifty little button: Click here for  Tour Map with Radar Alerts

Here's how gruvr interprets an incoming query:




Local concerts widget

Detects your location and whips up an RSS feed of upcoming shows near you. This is wrapped in a grazr feed widget for easy customization and installation on any page that supports javascript widgets. You can also use a Springbox or other RSS widgets if your page does not allow javascript. See the local widget page for example and details


Tour map widget

Puts a 'living' map of your favorite band's shows on your page. One click and your readers can get email alerts about gigs nearest to them. It's Flash-based, Cloudfront-hosted, and even works on myspace.

See the band widget page for details.

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