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Depending on what you need, here are the best ways to reach us


If you're in a band and have questions about the map, widget, etc - contact us from your band account to gruvr on myspace


Definitely follow us on twitter! We retweet a lot and run a 'bot that announces super deals (like 50% off face value) it finds on concert tickets - several times per day.

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For the site suggestion box, to report bugs etc., hit the gruvr feedback forum



CTO: Mark L. Palmer
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You can also leave comments on the developers page.



Gruvr does not handle ticket sales directly! We just make the stuff that scouts out the best deals. If you're trying to buy tickets,find the artist and event page you want on gruvr tickets, follow to the checkout page for that event, and use the contact info there. Be sure to say you are coming from tickets and specify:

Corporate Offices

gruvr offices

Active Interactive, Inc.
49 Riley Road
Northborough, MA 01532

Founder etc: Mark L. Palmer
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Or mark att gruvr dotcom


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