gruvr backs Olympia guitar effects project on kickstarter

July 26, 2011

I’ve been wanting to get involved with Kickstarter for some time now but keep putting it off.

Kickstarter is a great site for people like us, who like to make things and create, but may need help getting their ideas off the ground.

The first project gruvr ‘backed’ is a cool FuzzBox type distortion pedal made by a small company in a college business incubator…  here’s their promo video about their new pedal:


The project looks like fun; these guys seem to really love making what they make – and it’s amateur-music (as opposed to Indy, or Commercial) music related.  So check out the Carolina Olympia Fuzz pedal, especially if you play guitar and might want to use one!

And check out Kickstarter while you’re at it.  You may find a project you like – or start one of your own!



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