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January 29, 2010

find haiti concerts

Our fellow humans in Haiti are going through hell.

So, what should you do about it?  How about getting out to hear some great live music?

Yep!  just make sure to find a local Haiti benefit concert to attend!  How?  Check it out – we hacked gruvr to  locate Haiti concerts near you .   Just go to gruvr ,  type “haiti concerts” in Band Search, and it will do the rest.  Or, use this shortcut link:  Haiti concert finder

If gruvr can’t find haiti events within your desired search radius, it will at least put up the 10 closest events, no matter how far away those are.

Here’s the scoop:  for the past week, we’ve been seeing lots of searches for Haiti concerts and talk about them on twitter. We’ve been seen lots of “haiti benefit” concerts get added to the gruvr map – dozens per day!  Some have been big artists- like Lady Gaga, but we did a quick search and found over 600 small events planned, happening everywhere - in VFWs, churches, schools , museums – you name it!  As of today, about 30 new haiti events are being discovered per day.

But these kind of events can be hard to find, unless you happen to live in town… they’re the “long tail” of live music locations…. but hey, helping you find local live music is what gruvr is all about!

If we can help more people find these events, more will attend.  And if more people help Haiti, well – it’s worth the hacking.

Now some details:

  • The normal gruvr reminder function will work for events you discover.  Just add shows to your favorites list by visiting them, tell gruvr your email, and it will remind you.
  • Want to add your event? Just post the gig on a myspace band profile,  use the word “Haiti” in the venue part, and put the band on the map
  • We disabled all adsense ads for the time being since that’s not the point, but they’ll be back in a week or so.
  • got a legitimate haiti relief ad you want to show to 15k people/day? contact us.

So now it’s up to you.  Please share this and spread the word, so these events get discovered by your friends, too.
Go experience one of these events.  Dance a little, cry a bit,  give until it hurts… and you’ll be glad you did.

Let us know how it works out.

Thanks, and let’s hope your country never collapses on top of you.


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