Justin Bieber to Join Phish in Concert at SummerStage NYC

April 1, 2011

Starting today, the City Parks Foundation is announcing one SummerStage performance each day for twenty days. The first of these SummerStage concerts was just leaked via the Summerstage twitter as promised — and the kickoff is a doozy, guaranteed to get both Beliebers and Phans excited if not downright shocked.

Justin Bieber and Trey Anastasio of Phish to play New York

Phish management along with Scooter Brown, Justin Beiber’s manager, have announced a joint concert to be held by the bands to start this year’s SummerStage festival!   The show is scheduled for Saturday, May 21 at noon in Central Park. This is just one week before Phish starts their tour in New York at Bethel Woods, and several weeks after JB returns from the Justin Bieber European tour ending on April 9. No word yet on ticket prices or sale dates yet but Summerstage prices are great and all expectations point to an awesome event.

We’re not actually that surprised by this announcement.  Think about it — the signs of something developing have been there for months now.

Dan Kanter, Bieber guitarist, told Rolling Stone magazine “[Justin] is going through a huge Beatles phase right now, and I’m trying to teach him about Phish and how great they are.”    Bob Weir’s Daughter loves Justin, and Bobby Weir has been to a few JB shows.

What kind of show will it be?  Well, we have two very interesting rumors.  The first concerns the JB band rehearsing Phish’s Catapult.

The second tidbit is that he’s gotten into Bob Dylan.  Kanter reported walking into Justin’s dressing room to find him singing Dylan’s “All Along the Watchtower“.  Yep, the same Dylan song famously covered by Hendrix – and played by Phish on occasion.

So my main question is… will Justin be wearing one of those Fishman dresses ?

We’re psyched. Please let us know the moment you hear any details about ticket sales – there could be a prize in it, like some free tickets – for you ;-)

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RT: @Im_Sessili (ஜ Sessilicious ஜ ✓) RT @gruvr: hey @SummerStage http://gruvr.com/blog/bieber-phish-tickets/ it leaked already! Bieber to open festival and tour in NY – awesome! | TeamFollowBack
April 1, 2011 at 11:42 AM

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SummerStage April 2, 2011 at 3:24 PM

VERY FUNNY April Fools, Mr. Gruvr.
Obviously, no Beiber and no Phish.
BUT: Pink Martini 7/17 Central Park. Free!
And Talib Kweli 6/21 at Red Hook Park, BK. Also FREE.
Drop by http://www.SummerStage.org for more info and join up @SummerStage to keep plugged in!

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