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Grab Beyoncé Tickets Before Her 2013 Tour Starts!

February 11, 2013

Did you enjoy the Super Bowl Halftime Show and want to experience Beyoncé’s performances live? Well, her 2013 tour kicks off in Zagreb, Croatia on April 17th and finishes in Brooklyn, New York on August 3rd!  But the real question, is, of course, “how does she do it?” She balanced intense choreography with an energetic, emotional, and fun performance at the Super Bowl, just won a Grammy for Best Traditional R&B Performance with her song “Love on Top” from her 2011 album 4, and as if those weren’t enough accomplishments, she, along with husband Jay-Z, take care of a now 1-year-old daughter. Any worries of her progress being slowed by that should be thrown out the window, along with any contentions over her alleged lip-synced national album performance at President Obama’s Inaugural Address, because it doesn’t matter – she’s back! And not only is she rocking the stage, but the red carpet, too! E! named Beyoncé Best Dressed at the Grammys, along with Rihanna and Kelly Rowland. You can definitely count on her upcoming to concerts to be her personal red carpets, where she’ll sport her consistent style of tantalizing and teasing outfits that never reveal too much and remain modest, reflecting the fierce business woman, wife, mother, and singer that she is.

But if you never go to a concert, how will you ever truly encounter the unique experience of an artist expressing herself, and doing what she loves? Don’t you want to see what makes people call her one of the best performers in the world? Make that fun trip to Europe with your friends to see your favorite artist perform only feet in front of you! Or if you’re limited to U.S. locations, or are from outside the U.S. and want to visit here, be excited, because 20 of her 34 shows will be in the states, starting with Los Angeles, California on June 28th, and besides two stops in Canada, the tour will remain in the U.S. until its finale in Brooklyn. Or are you unsure of where to go with her almost 4 months of touring? Ticket sales show her most popular shows will be in Amsterdam and Dublin, and the latter city will host her for two consecutive nights! Tickets are available now, and Beyoncé will probably be touring for years to come, but why put it off?

And if you somehow missed her Super Bowl Halftime performance or want to relive the experience in anticipation of her upcoming tour, here’s the full 14-minute show.

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