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  How to get your band on the map

grüvr can monitor your favorite band if their concert schedule is posted on myspace.  Just enter their name and press  TRACK  .

  Enter band name:

We will map their shows and give you a link to the tour map, as well as a beautiful mini-map you can put on your page. Both will stay updated with new dates. Both let viewers set alerts and reminders.

If we can't find the band, try providing the exact name from their myspace page URL: http://myspace.com/bandname (just the red part) . It may take a few seconds to connect to myspace.

Also be sure to check out these popular bands on tour near you:


We will monitor any event to find lowest price ticket listings and alert you - just click the artist page, then to the event page, then enter your email at the bottom along with a desired price.


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